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    Benefits of Coffee After Workouts

    Benefits of Coffee After Workouts

    by Alex Brecher May 03, 2023

    When you’re working out to feel good, get a personal best, lose weight, or win a competition, training hard might be just part of your regimen. To achieve your potential and get maximum results, things like rest and nutrition also play a role. 

    Recovery is another critical part of an effective training program, and coffee may help. Caffeine may have several effects on your body, and other compounds in coffee may also have effects. A low-acid coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee, can be a good choice because it’s gentle on the stomach. Here are some possible benefits of coffee after workouts.


    First up is hydration. Water is the most important nutrient even for non-athletes, and fluid needs increase when you sweat. You can get an idea of how much water your body loses during your workout if you weigh yourself before and after. Calculate the difference between your pre-workout and post-workout weight. For each pound difference, you lost about 16 ounces of fluid, or about 2-ounce cups. 

    It’s a good idea to replenish this fluid in your body by drinking within the period after your workout. Coffee can be a hydrating beverage. Even though caffeine is a diuretic, the net effect is hydration. If you’re worried, you can use Half Caff or Decaf of Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee instead of Regular.

    Replenishing Glycogen

    Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee can help with glycogen replenishment after a workout. Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in your body. It’s stored in muscles and liver, and you can use a good deal of it during a tough workout. The longer and more intense a workout is, the more glycogen you use. That’s true whether you’re weightlifting, running, or doing anything else.

    Coffee can help glycogen replenishment because of its caffeine. Caffeine increases activity of an enzyme known as AMP kinase, or AMPK. This is an enzyme that is active when your body is taking carbohydrates in one form and converting them into a different form: glycogen. That means that coffee can support this process.

    Also important for replenishing stored glycogen as fast as possible after a workout is giving your body the right nutrients. You need a bit of protein to help repair possible muscle damage. You also need a good amount of carbohydrates. Adding skim milk or soy milk to your coffee can help your body get some badly needed protein and carbs.

    Still, you may be best off with additional carbs for your post-workout snack. In fact, the ratio of grams of carbs to grams of protein should be 4:1. That means you might want to add a source of carbs with your caffe latte. A banana, half of an English muffin, or a cup of whole-grain cereal can be a good choice.

    There may be reasons why you don’t want to add milk to your coffee. For example, you may be lactose intolerant. Or you may find that milk is a trigger for heartburn, even if you’re drinking Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee and you’ve eliminated the coffee as a trigger.

    In that case, the post-workout snack that you have should have protein and carbs. You might try a slice of whole-grain toast or apples with peanut butter, or oatmeal with a hard-boiled egg, for example.

    Burning Fat and Boosting Metabolism

    Whether you’re training for performance or working out to lose weight or sculpt your body, goals often include burning fat and using calories, or boosting metabolism. Caffeine is known for upping metabolism; that’s what you feel when you drink coffee and get a rush of energy. Your heart rate and breathing may increase. Drinking coffee after workouts can help speed metabolism. 

    Caffeine is also known for its effects in mobilizing fat. That means your body moves fat from storage into your bloodstream so it can be used for fuel. In other words, you’re burning more fat! 


    Exercise can boost your mood and improve energy, but are you ever tired after working out? That may be for several reasons. These are some examples.

    • You got up early to work out and you are short on sleep.
    • You tried a new workout or a harder workout that your body isn’t used to, and it tired you out.
    • You had a stressful day, used your workout to lower stress, and ended up exhausted.

    A cup of coffee can decrease sleepiness and feel energizing. That’s one of the best-known effects of caffeine. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee in Regular and Rise and Shine are fully caffeinated versions.

    It’s best to avoid caffeine later in the day or if you are especially sensitive to its effects. If you are, try Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee in Half Caff or Decaf versions. 

    Best Coffee for After Workouts

    The best coffee for after a workout tastes great and makes you feel good. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee contains coffee beans from some of the finest coffee-growing regions of the world, and it’s guaranteed to be fresh. 

    It’s also ideal for sensitive stomachs, say, if you’re a bariatric surgery patient, or are on a low-acid diet to prevent heartburn or acid reflux. Free from mold and mycotoxins, heavy metals, and a whole list of synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals, Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is gentle on the stomach.

    Post-workout recovery is an important part of any training program to reduce injuries, maintain motivation, and get maximum results. Coffee can be part of your routine, and a low-acid version can keep you feeling good because it’s gentle on the stomach. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee comes in Fresh Ground, Whole Bean, and K-Cup versions, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

    *The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Products from Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone with a medical condition should seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individual results may vary.

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