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    Five Benefits of Low-Acid Coffee

    Five Benefits of Low-Acid Coffee

    by Alex Brecher February 08, 2023

    Coffee is naturally acidic, but low-acid coffee is available if you look for it. Is it worth choosing it? Here are five benefits of low-acid coffee, and why you might want to try Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee when you switch to low-acid coffee.

  • It can reduce acid reflux.
  • People who have acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or heartburn often name coffee as a trigger. If they are on a low-acid diet, they may avoid coffee. A low-acid coffee may be okay on your low-acid diet as long as your healthcare provider agrees. By the way, caffeine is a cause of acid reflux, and Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee comes in Decaf Whole Bean, Fresh Ground, and K Cup varieties.

  • It supports dental health.
  • Drinking acidic beverages, such as coffee, can lead to acid erosion of the protective enamel on your teeth. The result is a higher likelihood of having tooth decay and dental caries. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is lower in acid and may not have as severe of an effect.

    If you are proud of having white teeth, you might also be interested to know that having strong tooth enamel can help keep your teeth white. If enamel wears away, teeth can yellow more easily. Avoiding acid erosion, such as by limiting acid from coffee, may help.

  • It reduces IBS symptoms.
  • Some foods and beverages can trigger symptoms of IBS, such as diarrhea, pain, or bloating. A lower-acid coffee can help limit these symptoms if they are triggered by acid. Ulcers may also be triggered by acid in foods and beverages, making Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee a better choice.

  • It can reduce the risk for kidney stones.
  • High-acid foods can lead your body to have an unhealthy level of acidity, or low alkalinity. Proponents of an alkaline diet believe that it is a good idea to choose lower-acid foods and drinks when you can to reduce the amount of acidity in your body. A high-acid diet may be linked to an increased risk for kidney stones due to higher levels of uric acid. These can be unbearably painful.

  • It can support bone and muscle health and function.
  • Choosing low-acid coffee instead of high-acid coffee can help lower the acid content of your diet. Another risk with a high-acid diet may be an imbalance of acid-neutralizing factors in your body, such as calcium. 

    Calcium, and other minerals, are needed for proper muscle function and bone mineralization. Too much acid can interfere with calcium’s normal roles and lead to a risk for muscle cramps. In addition, over time, too much acid in the diet may be related to higher risk for osteoporosis, or lower bone mineral density and higher risk for bone fractures. 

    When looking for a low-acid coffee brand, consider factors such as purity and freshness. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is produced without hundreds of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and other compounds, not to mention being free from mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.. It is also guaranteed to be fresh. 

    Best of all, it tastes great, having a blend of flavors that you can detect, such as hazelnut, vanilla, citrus, and floral. The Medium Dark French Roast choices have an additional note of chocolate, and the Italian Roast varieties have caramel notes. 

    Choose your favorite varieties from among Regular, Half Caff, Decaf, and Rise and Shine. They each come in Whole Bean, Fresh Ground, and K Cups. Let Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee be your supplier for low-acid coffee!

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