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    Five Surprising Benefits Caffeine Can Have on Beauty

    Five Surprising Benefits Caffeine Can Have on Beauty

    by Alex Brecher February 15, 2023

    Caffeine may be one of the most popular drugs in the world. Billions of people depend on it daily to wake up and be able to focus. In the US, coffee is the main source of caffeine. Caffeinated coffee has tons of health benefits, but did you also know it can affect your appearance? Here are five surprising benefits that coffee can have on beauty.

    Health Effects of Coffee

    Coffee is a nutrient-rich beverage. It has antioxidants, polyphenols, and minerals. It has been linked to lower risk for certain conditions, such as cognitive decline and type 2 diabetes. And, anyone who depends on caffeinated coffee to wake up knows that it can help with memory and focus.

    Five Beauty Benefits of Coffee

    But coffee goes beyond health benefits. Here are some surprising beauty benefits, and how to achieve them.

  • Support skin health through antioxidant activity.
  • Coffee has antioxidants in it. Antioxidants help protect cells against damage from free radicals, and that is especially relevant when talking about UV radiation and your skin. It is not a substitute for using sunscreen, but coffee can help increase antioxidant activity in your body. It has even been linked to lower risk for certain types of cancer.

  • Helps exfoliate skin.
  • Coffee is a common ingredient in homemade scrubs. Add used coffee grinds to sugar or salt plus some coconut oil for your foundation, and add any optional ingredients, such as oatmeal or vanilla. Then scrub gently before rinsing away your concoction. See if your skin appears glowing!

  • Can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Nobody likes seeing cellulite on themselves, and there’s a way that coffee may help. Caffeine, specifically, is a vasoconstrictor. That means it makes blood vessels constrict, or get tighter. Plus, caffeine is a diuretic; it pulls water from the area. There can be a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite - maybe even enough to get you through an entire event.

  • Helps reduce skin redness.
  • Coffee is anti-inflammatory. When you use it on your skin, you may be able to see a noticeable reduction in redness or inflammation. Skin may appear smoother and more youthful-looking. 

  • Reduces puffy and dark appearances around eyes.
  • This benefit may be one that comes from inside and out. When you drink caffeinated coffee, you can wake up faster and feel less tired, making your eyes appear less dark. If you use coffee as a mask, it can constrict blood vessels and make eyes look less puffy.

    Maximizing the Benefits of Coffee

    To get the most from your coffee, you are best off choosing one that is free from harmful substances such as synthetic chemicals. If you prefer less of a sour or bitter taste in your coffee, or if you have heartburn or other gastrointestinal troubles, a low-acid coffee may be a good choice for you. 

    Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is certified organic, guaranteed fresh, and tested to be free from mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Each cup has a blend of beans from some of the best-known coffee growing regions in the world. They are perfectly roasted, yielding balanced, complex, and earthy flavors in every sip.

    Caffeine is an energizing compound that you can depend on for an immediate lift, but it may have surprising beauty benefits, too. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is a pure and wholesome beverage that is free from contaminants such as mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. You can use it for its health and beauty benefits while knowing that it is gentle on the stomach and made from top-quality beans.

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