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    Four Truths About Low-Acid Coffee

    Four Truths About Low-Acid Coffee

    by Alex Brecher March 24, 2023

    Many people turn to low-acid coffee to reduce heartburn or other digestive discomfort. You may even be thinking about trying low-acid coffee because you are curious about the hype. Here is what to know about the best low-acid coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee

  • It can be gentler on the stomach.
  • Acid can bother the digestive system. Many people believe that highly acidic foods and beverages, such as coffee, can trigger acid reflux and heartburn, especially if you have a chronic condition such as GERD. Acid can also make ulcers feel worse or lead to flare-ups of conditions such as IBS or colitis. 

  • Low-acid can still have caffeine.
  • Caffeine may be acidic, but it is nowhere near being the major source of acid in coffee. A group of acids known as chlorogenic acids contribute the most acidity to coffee. Low-acid coffees are lower in chlorogenic acid than other coffee. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee has been tested by a third-party, independent lab, and found to have less chlorogenic acid and overall acidity than the average of several national brands tested in the same lab.

    All types of Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee are lower in acid, but they come with different levels of caffeine, including Decaf, Half Caff, and Regular. If you think caffeine is a trigger for heartburn, stick to decaf versions. If you depend on caffeine but don’t want to have as much acid as in regular coffee, consider Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee Regular or Rise and Shine varieties. 

  • The flavor can be less bitter. 
  • Acid can have a sour or bitter taste, just like vinegar or lemon juice. Coffee is the same. A low-acid coffee has less of a bitter taste. You may find it more pleasant or soothing, or even notice that you need less sugar or sweetener per cup.

  • Roasting method and process affect the acid content. 
  • Coffee beans that are roasted using hot air convection can be lower in acid due to never being in contact with steel drums. In addition, a darker roast can lower acid content. A French medium dark or Italian medium dark can also draw out the flavors of coffee while adding a chocolate or caramel flavor.

  • Cold brew is lower in acid.
  • Cold brew coffee is lower in acid than hot brew coffee. If you purchase a low-acid brand, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee, you can keep it lower in acid by making cold brew. You might also want to check the acidity of the water you use to brew coffee, since some water is higher in acid than others. 

  • It can be clean.
  • Lowering the acid content of coffee is a process, but it does not need to be a dirty one. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee, for example, is free from synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides, and it is certified free from mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

    If you are on a low-acid diet, low-acid coffee is an option to try. It can be a pure, great-tasting choice, especially when you choose a top-quality brand, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee. See how good drinking coffee can taste and feel!

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