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    Is Low Acid Coffee Better for Pregnant and Nursing Moms?

    Is Low Acid Coffee Better for Pregnant and Nursing Moms?

    by Alex Brecher March 02, 2022

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding are unbelievably special times in your life. But can they include coffee? If you are like many new and expecting mothers, you may be worried about it. Do you need to give it up for the sake of your precious baby? 

    You are growing a new life, which is entirely dependent on you! It is so exciting, so heartwarming, and so tough. After all, every move you make affects the new love of your life. So here’s why Alex’s Low Acid Coffee may be another new addition to your family. 

    Concerns About Coffee

    One concern about coffee during pregnancy or with a newborn is caffeine. It’s best to ask your obstetrician how much caffeine is safe for you. A general guideline is 200 mg per day, or the amount in about 2 6-ounce cups of coffee.

    Aside from caffeine, many people have trouble drinking high-acid coffee due to symptoms. And you may find out that symptoms get worse during pregnancy. Too much acid can lead to:

    • Upset stomach.
    • Heartburn
    • Dental problems, such as acid erosion of the protective enamel of teeth.

    But giving up coffee could make you cranky. And you’re almost sure to be short on sleep. Pregnancy is exhausting and lying in bed can be uncomfortable. And after the baby? Caffeine may be the only thing that gets you through the day, or night (they may just blend together when you have a newborn).

    Why Go Low-Acid During Pregnancy and Nursing?

    There is hope. A low-acid coffee variety may be the answer during this time in the life of you and your baby. Alex’s Low Acid Coffee is lower in acid than national brands. With less acid, you may find coffee drinking to be more comfortable, without symptoms of heartburn or stomach distress.

    Ways to Get Lower Acid Coffee

    There are some common characteristics of low-acid coffee, including Alex’s Low Acid Coffee. 

    Low-Acid Beans. Arabica beans are higher in acid, naturally. Beans from Mexico are grown at lower altitude and are lower in acid. Alex’s Low Acid Coffee is made with 50% beans from Mexico.
    Dark RoastAlex’s Low Acid Coffee is French Roast, which is a dark roast. Light roast coffees are higher in acid, generally.
  • Dry Processing. We use a proprietary process that includes hot air and convection technology so that the beans have no contact with metal.
  • You can further reduce acid content from Alex’s Low Acid Coffee by preparing it with a cold brew method. Just soak the ground beans in water for 12 to 24 hours and then enjoy it.

    From start to finish, Alex’s Low Acid Coffee is designed to be lower in acid so you can enjoy your coffee without suffering consequences. That’s a relief during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, when the demands on your body and emotions are so high. Be sure to ask your doctor what is safest for you and your baby during this magical period in your life, and enjoy Alex’s Acid-Free Regular or Decaf Coffee to help you get through it.

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