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    Is Low-Acid Coffee Better for You?

    Is Low-Acid Coffee Better for You?

    by Alex Brecher November 02, 2022

    If you like shopping around for coffee or you’re a regular coffee drinker, you may have noticed that some brands claim to be low in acid. Does it matter? Is it better for you to choose low-acid coffee? 

    Coffee has many health benefits regardless of which brand you choose. A low-acid brand, such as Alex’s Low Acid Coffee, may have additional benefits. There are some potential benefits of low-acid coffee.

    Coffee and Health

    Coffee is already good for you in a few ways. It is high in phytonutrients such as polyphenols, and there are some health benefits linked to drinking coffee. Examples include lower risk for diabetes, cognitive decline, and certain types of cancer in coffee drinkers compared to non-drinkers.

    All of these are on top of the benefits of coffee that you may notice immediately. For example, energy and focus can increase when you drink caffeinated coffee. Regular or decaf, coffee can also make you happier just by being the dependable, delicious drink that it is.

    Low Acid Coffee and Acid Reflux

    The first potential health benefit that comes to mind when you think about low-acid coffee may be acid reflux. As an acidic beverage, coffee is often blamed for symptoms such as heartburn. You may choose a low-acid coffee if you’ve been put on a low-acid diet. 

    Acid reflux can be a sign of GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which can have serious complications. Ask your doctor if you are worried. Other ways to lower risk of heartburn are to eat smaller meals, wear looser-fitting clothes, and avoid eating before bedtime.

    Low Acid Coffee and Other Gastrointestinal Conditions

    Acid in coffee may trigger symptoms of Irritable bowel disease, colitis, or Crohn’s disease. It’s also likely that acid in coffee can irritate ulcers in the lining of the stomach. Reducing the acid in coffee may help reduce these effects.

    A special diet may be indicated for these conditions. You might be asked, for example, to modify your fiber intake or to avoid fatty foods to see if symptoms get better. Work with your doctor to find the best path for you. 

    Low Acid Coffee After Weight Loss Surgery

    Bariatric surgery patients are often advised to avoid drinking coffee after weight loss surgery. It’s in part due to the caffeine content, but it’s also because of the acid. Bariatric surgery patients are already experiencing many changes in their lives around the time of their surgeries. Choosing a low-acid coffee brand instead of a higher-acid one could let patients keep this beverage in their diets, making the time around their surgeries easier. 

    You’ll also be limiting calorie intake before and after weight loss surgery. A way to reduce calories in coffee beverages that you may drink is to make your own instead of buying a high-calorie beverage. You can add reduced-calorie creamer, low-calorie sugar substitutes, and sugar-free syrup to dress up your coffee at home.

    Low Acid Coffee and Dental Health

    Your teeth are coated with a protective covering known as enamel. Enamel helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Acid in coffee and other foods can lead to acid erosion, which wears away the enamel and leaves your teeth more vulnerable to cavities. A low-acid coffee leaves your teeth in contact with less acid. 

    Brushing your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste, and flossing regularly, can also support dental health. In addition, you can rinse your mouth out after eating, and limit sweets and starches in your meals. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist for more tips.

    Low Acid Coffee and Bloating

    Acid can be irritating to your gastrointestinal system. Irritation can lead to symptoms such as bloating. If that’s the case for you, limiting acid in coffee by choosing a low-acid brand may be a good move for you. Other ways to reduce bloating are to drink plenty of water, limit sodium and sugar, and exercise regularly with your doctor’s permission.

    Taste of Low Acid Coffee

    Low-acid coffee may have a nicer taste than more acidic coffee. That’s because acid is sour or bitter. Removing some of the acid can help make the coffee taste smoother. That isn’t just a culinary benefit, though it can be more pleasant. Having a less bitter coffee can help you add less sugar or cream to it, which could be beneficial for weight control.

    Best Low Acid Coffee Brand

    Once you start paying attention, you may notice that there are many lower acid coffee brands. How do you find the best one? Here are some things to consider.

    • Quality and taste. Many people prefer coffee that has a smooth and balanced blend with notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, and fruit. It’s roasted to an Italian or French roast, depending on which you choose, and that increases the chocolate flavor.
    • Organic. The USDA National Organic Program has strict standards that coffee must meet. You can be confident that certified organic coffee is free from a long list of potentially harmful chemicals. It’s also processed without chemicals. 
    • Varieties. Be sure you’re choosing a brand with the level of caffeine you like, such as Regular, Half Caff, or Decaf, and it comes in a form that you prefer, such as K-Cup, Whole Bean, or Ground Bean.

    Now that you know a bit about some reasons to choose low-acid coffee, it is time to check out Alex’s Low Acid Coffee. It’s lower in acid than the average of many national brands, and it tastes fabulous. Guaranteed fresh every time, Alex’s Low Acid Coffee may be your best bet for acid-free coffee and a fabulous experience.

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