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    Nine Unique Benefits of Coffee

    Nine Unique Benefits of Coffee

    by Alex Brecher September 30, 2022

    When you drink that daily cup (or a few) of coffee, are you aware of how it affects your body? You definitely feel the jolt if it’s caffeinated, and you probably depend on the reliable taste and comfort it brings whether it’s caffeinated or not. But are you aware of the benefits of coffee?

    Coffee can be healthy for many reasons, and there have been a wealth of studies that back up this claim. Here are nine of the unique benefits of coffee. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best coffee for yourself. And no worries if you’re on a low-acid diet. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is an organic and fresh coffee that is available in Regular, Decaf, and Half Caff versions.

  • Gives You Energy
  • This may be the one that comes to mind first. After all, millions of people depend on coffee to wake them up every single morning. The effect is not just in your head. It’s real. You can feel perkier and more energetic when you have some caffeine in your system. People report less fatigue when they drink coffee.

    By the way, experts agree that the limit for caffeine is 400 mg per day for most people. Ask your doctor what a safe level is for you, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a health condition. You may be having too much caffeine if you are anxious or are jittery. Other ways to increase your energy include getting more sleep and exercising regularly.

  • Supports Brain Health and Function
  • Caffeine doesn’t just wake up your body. It wakes up your brain, too. Coffee can improve memory and reduce reaction time. It can make you more alert and improve concentration. Longer term, people who drink coffee regularly may have a lower risk of developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment.

    There are other ways to improve brain health and function. For example, you can play brain games that are specifically designed to train your brain. Other games, such as chess or card games that require strategy, can work, too, as can anything that involves learning or being creative. Exercising regularly, eating a diet that’s high in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as fatty fish, and managing stress can help your brain work better, too. 

  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • What a benefit! Coffee is a natural product that speeds metabolism and increases fat burning. Studies have shown that people who drink caffeinated coffee can lose more weight. They may also have less belly fat. When you drink coffee and feel your heart rate increase, that’s a sign that your metabolism is rising, and you are burning more calories.

    If you’re watching your weight, be sure to stay aware of the coffee you may be ordering at coffee shops. It can be laden with calories from cream, milk, flavor syrup, and sugar. To get those same great tastes without so many calories, you can always make your own coffee beverages. Start with a high-quality coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee. Another way to support weight control is to choose something healthy to eat as you drink your coffee, such as an egg white omelet or oatmeal, instead of a doughnut or breakfast pastry.

  • Improves Blood Sugar Levels
  • Coffee consumption is linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes. Among people with diabetes, drinking coffee may help with blood sugar control. Of course, it’s important not to overload your coffee with sugar and sugary flavored syrups if you’re concerned about blood sugar. Sugar can spike blood sugar in a hurry!

    This benefit of coffee may be related to how coffee affects beta cells in the pancreas. It may help reduce strain on them so they do not get exhausted as fast and continue to function well. Coffee is also anti-inflammatory, and diabetes is a condition of chronic inflammation.

    Other ways to support normal blood sugar including losing extra pounds if you are overweight or obese. Getting regular physical activity is also effective for improving insulin sensitivity, or the way your body responds to the effects of insulin.

  • Boosts Mood
  • Doing something that you love every day is a good way to lift your mood. If you love coffee, it makes sense that drinking coffee can boost your mood. But it can do more than that. Some studies have linked coffee drinking to having a lower risk for depression.

    To increase the pleasure you get from drinking coffee, consider the entire experience. Along with getting the best-tasting coffee beans, think about whether you like the convenience of ground beans or you love grinding whole coffee beans at home. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee comes in whole and ground bean versions so you can choose your favorite form.

    Are you looking for more tips to boost mood? You can be sure to avoid a deficiency in certain nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin B12. Exercising helps, especially if you get to see sunlight sometimes. And, do fun things! Hang out with friends and laugh at comedy shows. Be sure to talk to your doctor if your mood stays low for a long period of time.

  • Increases Power and Endurance
  • Coffee may be a performance enhancer. If you’re an athlete, proper use of caffeine could potentially increase your power. It can also block feelings of fatigue, so you can go for longer before quitting. You may have noticed that some sports nutrition bars include caffeine. That’s because of caffeine’s effects. Coffee can do the same. 

    Still, it’s important to note that too much caffeine while you’re exercising, especially if you’re exercising intensely such as in a competition, can lead to trouble such as an overly rapid heart rate. Also, caffeine affects people differently, so it’s hard to predict how it will affect you as an individual. If you’re considering using caffeine to boost performance, you might want to talk to your doctor first about proper dosing and smart precautions to make sure it’s safe for you.

  • Makes You Live Longer
  • Is it possible that coffee could even help you live longer? It turns out that people who drink coffee may have a higher life expectancy. It may help lower risk of death from cancer and other chronic conditions. Still, there are a ton of other factors that affect mortality and life expectancy. Other good choices include eating right, avoiding tobacco use, and staying physically active.

    What else can you do to increase life expectancy? Regular exercisers tend to have better health than sedentary people. Also, a nutritious diet, such as one that includes whole grains, produce, fish, nuts, and beans, can help. It’s also best to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and to avoid tobacco or get help quitting if you do use tobacco.

  • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Do you remember those anti-inflammatory properties of coffee that help support healthy blood sugar? Those same properties can also support heart health. Cardiovascular disease is a condition with chronic inflammation, and decreasing that inflammation could help reduce the risk of conditions such as stroke and heart failure. Coffee also has compounds called polyphenols and antioxidants. These are considered healthy as well.

    You can also support heart health by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking or quitting if you do smoke, managing stress, and being physically active. 

  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Liver
  • People who drink coffee are less likely to develop liver conditions such as liver cancer and scarring of the liver. It may also decrease fibrosis, or hard tissue formation, in the liver, and reduce the risk of death from chronic liver disease. Be sure to ask your doctor if you have any health concerns.

    Other ways to keep your liver as healthy as possible are to lose extra pounds if you are overweight and to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, which is more than 1 drink daily for women, and 2 drinks daily for men. There are certain dietary supplements which could affect the liver as well. That’s why it’s always best to ask your doctor before taking any dietary supplements, and to let your doctor know about all medications and supplements that you’re taking.

    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet, and crazily enough, it’s one of the healthiest. That means now you enjoy your coffee rituals even more. Be sure to talk to your doctor about a safe amount of caffeine and coffee, and to ask if you have any health concerns. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is a great-tasting, perfectly fresh, certified organic choice that you can feel good putting in your body as it offers health benefits unique to coffee.

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