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    Tips for Enjoying Coffee While Protecting Your Teeth and Gums

    Tips for Enjoying Coffee While Protecting Your Teeth and Gums

    by Alex Brecher June 14, 2023

    Coffee is a necessary part of the morning routine for millions of Americans, and you may depend on it to give yourself a jumpstart at other times of your day, too. Coffee is even a healthy beverage in many ways - but hold on just a moment. What about your teeth?

    The problem is that drinking coffee has the potential to damage your teeth and gums. Luckily, it doesn’t have to. Choosing low-acid coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee, watching what you put in it, and keeping your teeth and gums clean after drinking, can help protect your teeth. Here is some guidance for keeping teeth and gums healthy while enjoying your coffee. Here’s more information.

    Coffee and Your Oral Health

    Coffee is an acidic beverage. That means it can wear away at your dental enamel, which is the protective coating on your teeth. This increases the risk of dental cavities and tooth decay. Another risk is that coffee can damage your gums if you drink it too hot. Still, you can take steps to safely enjoy coffee and its many health benefits, such as improved focus, lower risk for diabetes and cancer, and increased energy.

    1. Choose Low-Acid Coffee

    A primary culprit in coffee, when it comes to your teeth, is its high acid content. You can lower acid exposure of your teeth by selecting a low-acid brand. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is lower in chlorogenic acid, which is the main type of acid contributing to coffee’s low pH or high-acidity. Don’t worry - you won’t be giving up any flavor. In fact, Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee has complex and intense flavors without a bitter or sour taste. 

    2. Avoid Sugar in Your Coffee

    Sugar is a well-known cause of tooth decay. Sipping on coffee that has sugar in it can be harmful to your teeth and gums. Along with sugar or honey to sweeten coffee, other sources of sugar in coffee can include flavored creamer, flavored syrup, and sweetened almond or soy milk.

    To reduce sugar, you can drink your coffee black or with cream or milk. You can also opt for sugar-free sweeteners or syrups. Natural sugar substitutes that are low in calories and sugar-free include stevia or monk fruit.

    3. Sip Water Along with Coffee

    It’s good to savor your coffee. You can enjoy it more that way. But taking a long time to drink your coffee also means that it’s in contact with teeth for a long time. An easy way to prevent damaging effects is to have a bottle of water nearby while you drink your coffee. After taking a sip of coffee, take a sip of water and swish it around your mouth to rinse it. 

    4. Let Your Coffee Cool

    Very hot coffee can damage gums. It’s best to let hot coffee cool down slightly before drinking it, so it’s not scalding. Ice coffee is a great choice, too.

    5. Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Coffee

    If possible, brush your teeth 20 minutes after finishing your coffee beverage. You can bring a toothbrush to work and take it to the bathroom when it’s time to brush. If that’s not an option, you can at least drink water after finishing your coffee to help rinse out your mouth.

    With some care, you can drink your coffee, get the benefits, and avoid dental problems. Simple tips such as limiting sugar and rinsing your mouth can be effective. It can also help to limit the acid in your coffee, such as by choosing Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee.

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