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    Twenty Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

    Twenty Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

    by Alex Brecher January 27, 2023

    Whether you are a casual coffee drinker or a passionate one who is on top of every new coffee trend, it is possible to be overwhelmed by the different types of coffee drinks. That’s because there are so many of them! However, we have a list of common ones to help prevent confusion.  Here are 18 popular types of coffee drinks that can help you order at a coffee shop or can inspire you to make your own gourmet beverage at home.

    Just remember that before you try your hand at making any of them, you are best off starting with great quality. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is gentle on the stomach, free from mold and mycotoxins, and full of complex and pleasing flavors.

  • Black Coffee
  • This is basic drip coffee. It is the easiest to make and the easiest to come by at home, work, restaurants, and coffee shops. It is usually served without cream, milk, or sugar. It is a great choice for trying new types of coffee beans because it gives you the chance to taste coffee without additions. 

  • Cafe au Lait
  • Cafe au lait is black coffee with a generous amount of frothed milk. The milk adds creaminess and sweetness. This is a popular breakfast beverage in France, and it works well here, too. If you believe that warm milk induces sleep, you can also try cafe au lait before bedtime. Just be sure to use decaf coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee French Roast in Decaf. Plant-based milk substitutes, such as almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk can work instead of cow’s milk.

  • Coffee with Cream
  • This is similar to cafe au lait, but made with more coffee and only a splash of cream instead of milk. It’s a good choice for savoring the flavor of the coffee, with a real dairy product, without having an upset stomach if you are lactose intolerant.

  • Espresso
  • This strong drink is made by pressing very hot water through finely ground coffee beans. The coffee that results is strong, and you may drink it from a smaller cup than some other coffee beverages. 

  • Cortado
  • Speaking of strong, what about a concentrated drink with strong coffee and steamed milk? You might get it in a smaller cup, but you can savor it for a long time due to its thickness and flavor.

  • Cappuccino
  • Creamy, enjoyable, and a bit sweet, the cappuccino has two kinds of milk: steamed and foamed. It can be a nice treat in the afternoon, especially with a cookie.

  • Latte
  • If you wish your espresso could be a bit larger, a latte may be for you. It is basically an espresso with a generous proportion of milk, so the cup is usually bigger than you would expect from a basic espresso.

  • Mocha Latte
  • Take your latte to the next level by adding chocolate to get a mocha latte. Mix together hot chocolate and latte to get one of the best drinks in the world, hands down. You can even serve it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or cocoa powder.

  • Caramel Latte
  • You can flavor a latte almost any way you want. Caramel lattes or salted caramel lattes are all the rage, but a pumpkin latte is a seasonal treat with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves along with pumpkin flavor. You can have this drink hot or iced.

  • Chai Latte
  • Chai tea usually has black tea and a blend of warm spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon. Add a shot of latte to create a big party in your cup with espresso, milk, and chai tea. You will not regret this drink! 

  • Flat White
  • This delicious concoction mixes espresso and steamed milk for a creamy, slightly sweet flavor. Using Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee helps prevent bitterness because it is low in acid compared to many other brands.

  • Americano
  • If espresso sounds good but a little too strong for you, an Americano may be perfect. It’s basically an espresso with hot water poured over it. You will be in good company if this is your drink, as it was created by European baristas, for American soldiers, during World War II.

  • Red Eye
  • On the other hand, if an espresso is a bit too tame for you, a red eye may be perfect. We’re not talking about an overnight flight here. We’re talking about the drink that can keep you awake after one. This is an espresso with extra drip coffee to give a high dose of caffeine for a busy day or after a low-sleep night.

  • Macchiato
  • Moving on in the tour of variations of espresso, the macchiato is an espresso with a bit of milk. In fact, it has a splash or “spot” of foamed milk to reduce the intensity of the espresso while maintaining the delicious flavor.

  • Iced Coffee
  • This is pretty basic, and oh, so refreshing. Just pour drip coffee over ice, and voila! Add sugar if you like, or keep it plain. Either way, it’s great in the summer or anytime you need to just chill.

  • Cold Brew
  • Cold brew is made by brewing coarsely ground coffee beans in cool water for hours or overnight. It can be lower in acid than hot brew coffee. If you want to make it even lower in acid, choose a reduced-acid brand, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee.

  • Nitro Cold Brew
  • A more recent development, the nitro cold brew actually has nitrogen - an element in the periodic table in chemistry! - in it. The result is a creamy, highly caffeinated beverage. Be warned, and enjoy!

  • Irish Coffee
  • This adult beverage has coffee, cream, and whiskey. Add as much sugar as you like to balance out the bitterness and sourness of the whiskey. With less acid, Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is perfectly suited to this drink.

  • Frappe
  • This delightful drink has coffee blended with ice, milk, and any additions, such as sugar or flavoring syrups. It is beaten until it is foamy. Make it your way, because drinking a frappe should be pure bliss.

  • Espresso and Tonic
  • This has espresso, bubbly tonic water, and a squeeze of lemon served over ice. It is a popular new drink.

    Regardless of which type of coffee you love, or whether you like different ones depending on your mood or the time of day, the best coffee comes from the best coffee beans. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is low in acid, gentle on the stomach, and balanced in flavor. It is always fresh, and can make the perfect cup of coffee - no matter which one you are making - every time.

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