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    Ways to Use Leftover Acid Free Coffee

    Ways to Use Leftover Acid Free Coffee

    by Alex Brecher May 14, 2022

    How often do you have leftover coffee after you brew a pot? It’s almost a daily occurrence for many of us! Unless you have a single-cup machine or you pre-plan exactly how much you will need for the day, it’s nearly impossible to make your coffee come out even. And since you don’t want to risk making too little, it’s likely you’ll make a bit extra.

    It would be a shame to throw away that extra brewed coffee, and you don’t have to do so! You can use it for so many other purposes than drinking it as freshly brewed hot coffee. It can last for a day or so in the fridge, so you have have a bit of time to use it.

    If you are using low-acid coffee, such as Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee, you can also relax about the acid content when having a bit of extra coffee in other dishes. These are some ways to use leftover acid free coffee so you don’t have to waste it.

    Chocolate Cake and Other Baked Goods

    Adding coffee to chocolate baked goods can make the chocolate flavor richer. For example, swap milk or water one for one with brewed coffee in chocolate cakes. That is, if the recipe calls for 1 cup of milk, add 1 cup of brewed coffee instead. This works for cakes and quick breads, too. Banana bread is another candidate for a nice coffee flavor. 

    Other Desserts

    Coffee can turn other desserts into something spectacular. Add some strong brewed coffee to chocolate frosting to make it richer, or to other types of frosting for character. It can flavor dessert sauces and custards, and you can also put leftover acid free coffee into cheesecake, tiramisu, and even baked or fried doughnuts.

    Savory Dishes

    Leftover acid free coffee is great for dinner, too! And that can be perfect timing if the end of the day is nearing and you see that you’ll have extra brewed coffee. Use it instead of some or all of the water or broth in a roast with onions, carrots, and mushrooms, and you may be shocked at how good it tastes. You can use leftover coffee in dishes such as meatloaf and stews, too.

    Ice Cubes

    When you have leftover acid free coffee, but you have no time to deal with it now or you are not ready to use it, just make ice cubes! Take them out to thaw when you need them for a recipe in a few days or weeks.

    Or, use them for cold drinks or blended drinks. Instead of ice cubes made with water, ice cubes made with leftover acid free coffee can add character to beverages such as these.

    • Smoothies with ingredients such as bananas, berries, and other fruit, any greens, carrots, or other vegetables, tofu or vanilla yogurt, protein powder or oatmeal, and any flavorings such as vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, or cocoa powder.
    • Whatever iced coffee drink is your favorite, you can make it more flavorful by pouring it over ice cubes made with leftover acid free coffee. 

    Leftover acid free coffee isn’t a burden. It’s a joy! It gives you the chance to make different and delicious desserts, drinks, and beverages that you might not have otherwise tried. Using low-acid coffee in these dishes lets you experiment without worrying about extra acid.

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