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    Why Does Regular Coffee Bother My Stomach?

    Why Does Regular Coffee Bother My Stomach?

    by Alex Brecher March 04, 2022

    Many people blame coffee for an upset stomach, but the thought of skipping coffee is unbearable for many. Luckily, there are workarounds, like using Alex’s Low Acid Coffee to limit acidity. This is why regular coffee can bother your stomach, and how a low-acid alternative can help.

    Caffeine Comes to Mind First

    When you think of coffee, you probably think of caffeine. You may think of it as the component that boosts energy to get you going in the morning or to get you through a long afternoon. And you may blame caffeine when regular coffee bothers your stomach.

    There’s some truth to it. Caffeine is an acid. If acid is triggering symptoms, caffeine could play a role. And caffeine has other effects. These are some ways that caffeine may relate to an upset stomach.

    • Caffeine stimulates your mind, but it also stimulates your digestive tract. It can lead to increased contractions, which you notice as discomfort.
    • Caffeine leads your stomach to produce more acid.

    Chlorogenic Acids as Coffee Culprits

    Still, caffeine isn’t the main acid in coffee. Chlorogenic acids are. These are the main types of acid in coffee. A high chlorogenic acid content means the coffee is more acidic. An independent lab tested the chlorogenic acid content of Alex’s Low Acid Coffee Fresh Ground French Roast, as well as coffee from national brands, such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. Alex’s Low Acid Coffee had a lower average level than the others.

    Acidity of Alex’s Versus the Competition

    If acidity is the problem, the number you want to look at is pH. A lower pH means a higher level of acidity. A higher pH means a lower acidity. The same lab that tested chlorogenic acid also tested pH. Alex’s Low Acid Coffee had a higher pH (lower acidity) than the average of the other brands.

    How Alex’s Low Acid Organic Coffee Can Help

    Alex’s Low Acid Coffee has a lower pH and lower chlorogenic acid content than national brands. Plus, it is a dark roast coffee, making it less likely to cause symptoms. You can also ask your doctor if there is a certain amount you can have each day.

    More Ways to Protect Your Stomach

    In addition to choosing a low-acid coffee like Alex’s Low Acid Coffee, you can take some steps for protecting your stomach.

    • Have some food while you drink your coffee. A small snack is enough to keep you from drinking on a completely empty stomach.
    • Consider cold brew. When you steep your coffee in cold or room-temperature water, there is less acid. Since steeping can take 12 to 24 hours, you can do this the day before and let it steep overnight.
    • Use a paper filter instead of a metal filter.

    Alex’s Low Acid Coffee Fresh Ground French Roast is designed to let you drink coffee without bothering your stomach. The lower acid content may be a relief as you wake up to your brew and face the day with comforting deliciousness and without a stomach ache.

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