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    suffered from acid reflux after weight loss surgery and could not find coffee that did not hurt my stomach or lead to heartburn. I could not face the thought of giving up coffee entirely, so I did what I had to do. I gathered a team of coffee experts with the goal of developing a great-tasting coffee that did not bother my stomach. Together, we tested and retested every part of the production process until we got it right.

    Alex’s Low Acid Coffee™ is a low chlorogenic acid, great-tasting blend of the highest-quality beans from some of the most famous coffee-producing regions in the world. Our beans are treated with care from the beginning. They are certified fully organic, and we never introduce green coffee beans to a hot metal drum. Instead, we use hot air for roasting and our coffee beans never touch hot steel, so the chlorogenic acid content is far lower or non-existent, compared to other coffees. Furthermore, we use a unique process that reduces or eliminates the activation of other acids, such as tannic acids, in our coffee beans.

    The result of our careful processes, using air convection rather than contact conduction, is an almost completely acid-free, drinkable coffee - a coffee that you may only have dreamed about before now. It is smooth, flavorful, and drinkable. Plus, with such no bad acid content, it is gentle on your stomach.


    Alex Brecher
    CEO & Founder at Alex's Low Acid Coffee™