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    New Five-Pound Bags

    New Five-Pound Bags

    by Alex Brecher June 16, 2022

    We’re always looking for ways to serve our customers better. We scour the world for the best beans. We keep up to date on the best practices for sustainability and fair practices. We make sure our coffee is processed in ways that we’re proud of. And we’re on it when our customers ask for something. 

    This time, you asked for more coffee. We delivered! Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee now comes in 5-lb bags to better meet your needs. You’ll run out less often, and you can use it without worrying.

    Meet Our New Five-Pound Bags

    Each variety of Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee now comes in 5-lb bags. That can be quite a relief if you love your coffee and don’t want to have to purchase it so often. The exact number of cups you can get from a bag of coffee depends on how strong you make your coffee and how big your cups are. In general, a 5-lb bag makes about 150 cups of coffee. Nice!

    Our 5-lb bags come in these varieties.

    That’s right - you can get whichever type of coffee you like in a 5-lb bag. They’re all roasted to a dark, French, roast.

    Freely Flowing Coffee with Low Acidity

    If you’re the type to buy a 5-lb bag of coffee, you probably love coffee. And it’s totally fine to drink right up when the coffee is low in acid. Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee has a low acid content. It’s designed for people with acid reflux, heartburn, or other conditions that may make them sensitive to higher-acid coffees.

    Why Five-Pound Bags?

    Why are we now offering 5-lb bags? The truth is that our customers wanted them. Our customers are behind everything we do. You asked, and we listened. With great taste and low acidity, our coffee is drinkable day after day after day. Whywouldn’t you want a 5-lb bag if you’re a coffee lover? 

    As Fresh As Ever

    Coffee needs to be fresh to taste its best. That’s why we’ve always made sure to get our ground and whole beans into their packages while they’re as fresh as possible. Our packaging is specifically designed to continue to keep the beans fresh until you open them and until you finish the package. That way, you can enjoy every cup of coffee to its max.

    Our commitment to having fresh coffee is just as strong with our 5-lb bags. We know that freshness can be a concern when you purchase big packages, but rest assured that it’s not an issue with our 5-lb bags. Our low acid coffee beans will stay fresh until you finish the bag. You can count on Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee being fabulously fresh no matter which package you buy.

    Now that Alex’s Low-Acid Organic Coffee is available in 5-lb bags, you can drink up! Make hot brew, cold brew, straight coffee, and mixed drinks. You can even use it in recipes, such as mocha brownies. And don’t worry: we still have our other bags. You can get the 12-ounce bags in any variety if you prefer.

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